#ThePlatformNG: “We are a food deficit country”, Bosun Tijani spoke at the Platform

Bosun Tijani is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Co-Creation Hub (CcHub). He spoke on the topic he titled the Unlikely Leaders.

He started by sharing different statistics. One of them was that Nigeria is one of the top countries with children out of school. He said that we have the highest maternal mortality rate in the world, and pneumonia kills about 20 children every hour, and 43% of these kids will probably experience stunting under the age of 5. “The average life expectancy is 56.9 and it is below the rest in the world. We are a food deficit country”, he said.

As a social entrepreneur he believes that technology is affecting our lives in tremendous ways. “People are pushing the boundaries of technology to solve greater problems, however, we haven’t built the foundation for enjoying the benefits. While we are still busy focusing on how to shape our education, people are thinking of new ways of teaching”, said Bosun as he expounded on these statistics.

He stressed the fact that nations are competing based on how well they use technology. “He admonished the audience that there’s no need criticising our government. Unless we address the problem facing us we can’t move forward” he said.

Mr Bosun highlighted some qualities of a real leader. He described leaders as missionaries. According to him, “They are not in it for money. These great men and women may make money but that is not their sole purpose”.

He then memtioned some leaders who are are being unlikely and influential in our society. He invited a man named Mr Amao on stage. To him, this man Is an unlikely leader because of his work in the treating communicable diseases, especially tuberculosis.


Mr Bosun, the tech enthusiast emphasized that there are so many leaders like Mr Amao who don’t hold political offices but are influencing society in their spheres.

He closed with this statement; “It is important for us to know that the problems we have as a society is something that we can all solve, but in order for that to work, we need more missionaries than success driven businesses only”

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