#ThePlatformNG: Dr. Victor discusses newer ways of thinking to help recreate our nation Nigeria

Dr. Victor Oladokun (the last Speaker) kicked off on a note of appreciation to Mr. Otto and his team involved in the social work of educating children in slum communities across Africa.

Dr. Oladokun mentioned the radio station of the late Nationalist, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and how it is affecting the nation positively transmitting educative content.

He then highlighted three issues that struck him.

  1. The first being the unspoken mantra that drives most of what we are sold by the media. In the world of the media, the more devastating and sensational a news item is, the more it sells to the public.
  2. The second thing is the way people are inclined to speaking evil about the nation. This reason this happens is because it’s easy for people to think about negative side of things than to come up with positive solutions.  
  3. The third thing that struck him is the group of people that come down from their countries to exploit the continents of Africa. To this, Dr. Oladokun challenged Africans to instead be the ‘Josephs’ of their continent by investing in the continent. Africans must begin to tell their own stories and change the narrative rather than start waiting for foreign media to adjust their reportage on Africa. “It is what we call ourselves that the world will call us”, he said.

He called for newer ways of thinking so that our psyche is corrected to believe in possibilities. This is because people’s opinion of the world is shaped by what they see in history and their experiences, he explained.

Dr. Oladokun spoke of creating a National Hall of Fame to honour Nigerian heroes. He pointed to how different professions and fields are witnessing incremental development which ultimately transforms the look of the Nation.

Moving on to give a number of examples, Dr. Oladokun stated that Nigeria is creating an increasing number of value creators called problem solvers.

This led him to point out the Gap in infrastructure stating that the growing population need infrastructure to sustain them.

He went further to list examples of Nigerians doing great in their different professions in the different sectors of the economy. These are the people who show that something good is possible in the country.

Towards the end of his speech, he asked the audience for whose report they would believe. The report of those outside the shores of this country who paint the picture of a country where nothing works or that of those demonstrating with their success that something is possible in Nigeria!

He asked the audience to think out what it is that they can do to correct the narrative that go out. He cited some examples – animations, virtual reality, documentaries, digital platforms, online training platforms, Co-Creation Hubs and a host of others – as opportunities to retell the African story.

He closed with the 7 keys to show whether or not we’re engaged in the media world. They are;

  1. Move along, don’t let life’s challenges keep you on a spot.
  2. Your circumstances don’t determine your outcome later in life.
  3. Money is never a problem but the quality of your ideas.
  4. Be self-disciplined.
  5. Recognise that your age does not determine your page in history.
  6. Teach and above all, inspire others.
  7. Live your dream, reach for the stars.

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