#ThePlatformNG: Story – As an Agro-business woman, I was neck deep in debt ~ Mosunmola Umoru

Mosunmola’s story was very inspiring. As an Agro-business woman she shared how through a miracle, she came out of debt, to acquire a new land property to re-start her Agro-business.

She also commended the new and young Agro-entrepreneurs who are going into the field at the moment.

Much of her session was on how technology is changing field of Agriculture. She mentioned some gaps in Agriculture that she believes young people can fill up.

These include access to Irrigation system, availability of processing grade feeds, employment in the Agricultural sector, provision of logistics services, etc.

Farm Crowdy, Nigeria’s first digital Agriculture platform, is one example Mosunmola gave to illustrate her point about closing the gaps.

She gave an interesting analogy of the African Map. While illustrating this, she said the map looks like a gun if it is tweaked. According to her, Nigeria is located (on the map of Nigeria) at the trigger spot of the ‘gun’, which means Africa is waiting to be fed by Nigeria.

During her session, she stressed on the need for Young people to fill up the gaps in Agriculture by taking advantage of the many opportunities which we see as problems.

She concluded her presentation by calling on Young Nigerians to give a better country to the next generation by getting engaged in entrepreneurship.

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