#ThePlatformNG: Oscar Ekponimo speaks at the Platform on the Power of Value

As the Founder of Chowberry, Oscar said it’s been 5 years and the journey has been wonderful journey.

Sharing with the audience, he explained how Nigerian Youths can start to think about delivering value. He said that the structure of every society determines the quality of ideas and value put into it.

We go to work because we create value. Value decides your existence.

He shared the projects he had worked on and the current ones.

Chowberry is one of them. In combining his skills in computer and his passion to create the app, Oscar discovered a ‘food shop’ (where his friend works) was throwing away expired food. “And Chowberry came from there”, he said.

In speaking out these projects, he believes that all he requires are on the inside of him and not with the government or any relation.

All we need to success in inside of us.”

In explaining how value is created, he taught on two principles – Loose Hanging Fruit and Faith principle.

Through the help of NGO, Oscar has been able to reach thousands of families.

“It is time for us to change course, stop complaining and use what we have. Most of the things we complain about are opportunities 

According to him, the work he does, the Mission statement, is to provide food to the people in need using technology.

“Chowberry do not see our people who benefit as poor people but as active participant in the scheme of reducing wastage of food from supermarkets and stores”, he said.

He stated his next vision as a desire is to have more Chowberry in other sectors of the economy. One of his projects is called Gallery of code supported by some authorities is Australia.

According to Oscar, “They will come and run science projects in the country to get talented Nigerians to showcase scientific talents”.

His last words were this, “We can’t continue complaining. We need to be inspired to create opportunities to get the nation out of poverty”. 

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