Interview with Doctor Esezebor

The Platform: Dr Esezebor, how do you view the whole situation?

Dr Esezebor: COVID-19 is real. Most people with the disease do well and get better. There are other diseases out there that are probably even deadlier e.g. Ebola, Lassa Fever.

The PlatformIf most people get better, then why has the disease shut down our lives like this?

Dr Esezebor: The natural response from people to a disease like COVID-19 is fear. I am not wearing the mask because I want to protect myself but to protect others from being infected just in case I am infected with COVID-19 and not aware of it.

The Platform: Speaking of not being aware of the infection, what does it mean to be asymptomatic?

Dr Esezebor: When someone is infected with COVID-19 but is not showing any of the symptoms, that person is asymptomatic. With COVID-19, unlike other infectious diseases, an asymptomatic person can still go on to infect other people all the while showing no symptoms. This shows how highly infectious the disease is. 

Currently, we know that an infected person on average infects two other people. This is why wearing face-masks is important – it helps reduce spread of infection from asymptomatic people. Washing your hands, not touching your face, sanitising your hands, are all meant to protect you. However, wearing facemask will help to protect others. 

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