Interview with a COVID-19 survivor.


The Platform: Tell us about your experience with COVID-19.

Covid Survivor: It started with a headache, body pain and fever. So I thought it was Malaria. I went to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that it was malaria. After two days, the symptoms still persisted and I had developed diarrhea so I went back to the hospital. A COVID-19 test was done and it came back positive. 

At the time I was diagnosed with COVID-19, I had been on admission in the hospital for about a week. The hospital then had me transferred to the Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH) where I stayed for 10 days.

The Platform: How long did your healing process take?

Covid Survivor: I was lucky in my case. My healing process took 10 days. Usually the general healing process takes about 21 days. For some it takes up to 40 days. I think it depends on how your immune system responds to the infection.

The Platform: Were you afraid of stigmatisation?

Covid Survivor: Stigmatisation is real. One of the things that help is the fact that there is a lockdown so we do not get to interact with many people. However, in my case, the people in my circle of influence are quite educated about COVID-19. If anything, I have become a doctor of sorts, who people come to for questions about the virus.

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