Pre-Platform Challenge (Day 7)

It’s the last day of the challenge and thank you for participating. As we close this 7-day Pre-Platform Challenge, we’ll like to share a story of how youths in the past and present are helping to impact the nation positively.

What does it take to effect a global change? Even a small or insignificant event like the game between the Nigerian Dream Team at Atlanta 1996, versus the young Brazilians. This has the potential of causing great change.
Just before they won the trophy at the final game during the Olympic event, these youths had staged a ‘comeback’ against their counterpart. The young Brazilian players who had previously beaten Nigeria 1 – 0 in the group stage of the competition, were confident that they would cross this semi – final then return home with the gold medal. Leading Nigeria by 3 goals as against 1, they played in delayed tactics at the second half, stylishly waiting for the time to tick away.

The transition came at the 78th – minute, when Victor Ikepba’s second goal changed the momentum to the side of the Nigerians players. Then came Papilo Kanu Nwakwo, whom, in the presence of the great Roberto Carlos, scored the last 2 – minute equalizer, and went ahead to bash the golden goal.

It was a dramatic turn around for Nigeria that day at Sanford Stadium at Athens, Georgia. Despite the presence of World class players like Bebeto, Juninho, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and Dida, these youths went ahead to re-create history in 1996.

Talking about small or insignificant event, there are many Nigerian Youths who are slowly but tactically causing a radical change in this nation. The likes of;

  1. Bosun Tijani – founder and Chief Executive Officer of Co-creation Hub, Nigeria’s first open living lab for technologists. Mark Zuckerberg’s first stop on his first Africa trip in 2016 was to the CcHub.
  2.  Temie Giwa, founder of LifeBank, a business enterprise in Nigeria working to improve access to blood transfusions in the country.
  3. Dr. Ola Orekunrin, a healthcare entrepreneur and founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria, West Africa’s first Air Ambulance Service.
  4. Deola Sagoe of the House of Deola, Africa’s leading specialist fashion company.

Just about three years ago, customers had a hard time purchasing products or paying for services online, and businesses still had to do a lot of work to accept these payments. Today, online payments in Nigeria have become seamless. Thanks to Sola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi who built PAYSTACK.

Again, born out of the need to make urban farming accessible to everyone, Angela Adelaja, the innovative founder of FRESH DIRECT and co-founder, We Farm Africa, has pioneered hydroponic agriculture in Nigeria.

These Nigerians who are less than 40, are not actively engaged in Politics but have changed the reputation of our dear country in the global space.

And according to Diogenes, a Greek philosopher, “The foundation of every state is in the education of its youth.” By learning the secrets of these young men and women at THE PLATFORM event, you too can change the face of this nation, even beyond politics.

It’s a free event, but you can register,

Come to The Covenant Place, Iganmu, Lagos, Beside National Arts Theatre. Time is 9am.

See you there!

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