The Platform Nigeria on July 26, 2020 will be hosting Prof Anil K Gupta

The Platform Nigeria on Sunday at 7.30pm will be hosting Prof Anil K Gupta on its program coffee with global thinkers.

Prof Anil Gupta will be speaking on

“Where Do New Business Models Come From.” The overall framework is that all new business models are derived from (or a combination of) the following three archetypes:

Dramatic re-definition of the target customer (e.g., Apple at the time of founding when it brought computers to individuals rather than companies)

Dramatic re-conceptualization of delivered customer value (e.g., meatless “meat”)

Dramatic re-engineering of the value chain (e.g., cloud kitchens)

You don’t want to miss this if you are involved in any form of top-level management where the creation of ideas and building business models is key.

This will be a webinar and registration is free.

Register using this link…/register/WN_dClzohEvRge42_uvgvKkqg

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